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This is where I try collecting some of my (mostly) irrelevant thoughts, when I feel like it.


Writing this on a train heading home from Stockholm. 3rd time I've been there and now I'm certain I don't particulary like big citites. Coming home is going to be great.

Did manage to visit some cool places though. We made it to Science-Fiction Bokhandeln where the wife bought some cool books. I found lots of stuff I did want to buy but decided against it, I've got too much stuff already.


Long time no writing. The last few weeks has been spent on vacation, visiting some cool places and chilling. Decided that I wouldn't do any programming/computering during this time, an effort to mend my broken ego and maybe reignite my passion for computers. We'll see how it goes.

Spent some time playing Spiderman for the PS4, good game! I like how they made the web swinging feel fluent and tight.


Some confessions:

I'm really inefficient with the vim editor and I don't have the patience and time to make myself efficient. And that's ok.

The Plan 9 acme editor is kind of cool with its "everything is text" and "the operating system is the IDE" features. But writing small scripts for everything I want my editor to accomplish is tedious. So I don't really use it. And that's ok.

I don't really get the more advanced concepts of functional programming, and I don't find that type of programming fun, so I don't do it. And that's ok.

Maybe I'm just burned out.


I wrote a little utility to send emails through the Mailjet API. I use it to send emails from scripts and cron. You need an account with Mailjet to be able to use the program, I use their free tier since I don't need more.


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the Mockoon project. I'm just a regular user.

I found this really neat program, Mockoon. It makes mocking HTTP API's real easy with some nifty features like response templating etc. Check it out!


I think I'm feeling some withdrawals after quitting the Propiomazine abruptly. Been having bouts of nausea for some time now, hopefully it'll settle down soon.

Good news is that I built myself a new computer! I opted for an AMD Ryzen 5900X cpu with 12 cores, 48GB of DDR4 ram and 1TB m.2 disk. I use it mainly for programming and it feels really fast, even though I currently run Windows 11 on it. Tried installing Ubuntu on it first but had some issues with the onboard soundcard and bluetooth. This computer will hopefully last me for some years.


Fell off the wagon on thursday this week. Didn't sleep more than 30 minutes on tuesday night, so on wednesday I thought "better safe than sorry" and took some propiomazine before going to bed. Big fucking mistake. Spent the majority of thursday in a haze, not being able to think straight. Fool me once etc.. on thursday night I slept like a baby once again, without medication. The reason for not sleeping on tuesday night was because I stayed up way too late putting together a new computer from parts, becoming more and more frustrated since the thing wouldn't boot(turns out the cpu wasn't all the way inserted into the socket). So when time came to go to bed I was too wound up to get any sleeping done. Lesson learned, again.


A short update on the Propiomazine situation. 4 nights have passed since I stopped taking it and I've sleept good. Hopefully this will carry on through the weekend. On monday next week I'll lower the Clomipramine to 50mg from 75mg. Fingers crossed.


Stopped taking Propiomazine this monday. Been taking 50mg every night for the better part of a decade for but decided that it's time to try living without it. The side-effects of drowsiness and memory impairment really has taken its toll and I can't live with it anymore. At the same time, I also decided to start tapering Clomipramine, my dose is 100mg daily and I've removed one 25mg pill. Will take 75mg for 1 week and then remove another 25mg. The reason for tapering Clomipramine is the same as for Propiomazine, I can no longer live with the side-effects from it, mainly the tachycardia and low blood pressure.


Yesterday my TEX Shinobi keyboard finally arrived. I chose black switches and the nordic layout, and damn, this is such a nice keyboard. Feels like I'm typing on clouds! One thing I regret is not ordering the bluetooth addon to make it wireless, perhaps I'll order that separately. Would be nice to not have wires all over the desk.


Ok, so this guy made a device that allows him to livestream his coding sessions on a Macintosh Plus computer. This is so fucking neat! Check it out here.


Been busy with work lately. But I managed to do something of real value to myself(and maybe others) in my spare time. I rewrote a draft of an early manual for the UNIX operating system. The original can be found here and my rewrite here. I did this work to make the manual more readable and also enable copying text(there is an OCR of the original manual but I found it hard to copy text from it). Another motivating factor was an urge to learn troff and use it for some "real work".

Also decided to get an account over at sourcehut. I really like their idea of a website that enables you to browse source code without requiring javascript and I sympathize with their goals. Kind of like a de-bloated github(I have a github account but I rarely use it for anything) that can be browsed with mothra.

My first repo on sourcehut is for some gedit-related stuff, like a Plan 9 colorscheme. Check it out here.


Back at work, feels good. Still a bit tired but that's ok.


Feeling better now, will get back to working tomorrow.

During this time with covid I've begun work on a frontend for the transmission torrent server. Fun.


Still sick but feeling better. Not as tired as earlier in the week. Hopefully this shit will be leaving my body soon.

Decided to dust off my old Nintendo 3DS, time for some RuneFactory 4!


I finally caught covid. My daughter got sick last week but I didn't think it was covid since she was fine after 1 day. But this monday I woke up with a sore throat.. Wife bought an antigen-test and I tested positive for covid. I've got pretty mild symptoms: some dry cough, low grade fever and sweating mainly. Hopefully I'll survive.


Daughter got sick on thursday so she had to stay home from school. Don't think it was covid because she was perfectly fine on friday. I've been feeling sick too but nothing too bad. Spent the weekend just chilling around the house, I love doing nothing.


One of my brother's kids got covid. The whole family will probably get it too. Sucks, but atleast they're vaccinated.

Bought God of War for the PC some days ago, haven't gotten around to playing it yet. I own a copy for the PS4 also but the poor framerate made me drop it. Now I'll be able to really enjoy the experience on the pc!


Finished Hades yesterday, great game but really hard. If you enjoy the Souls-series of games then Hades will be right up your alley.

I saw someone advertising a docker log reader, really fancy. I made my own with the docker command and fzf:

docker ps --format "{{ .ID }} {{ .Names }}" | FZF_DEFAULT_OPTS="--bind page-up:preview-up,page-down:preview-down,ctrl-g:preview-bottom --preview-window follow" fzf --preview="docker logs -f {1}"

Use page-up and page-down to scroll the preview window, use ctrl+g to scroll to the bottom. The window will follow the log, sort of like a tail -f.


Finally a night of solid sleep. Slept until 10:30 am, refreshing! Spent much of the day outside with the kids, building snow things and bbq'ing. I hate cooking over an open fire, it makes all clothes smell like shit and breathing in that smoke sucks, makes me feel ill.


Woke up early again but managed to fall a sleep for a couple of more hours. Went to the local playland with my kids and my brother and his kids. They had a good time! The coffee at that place is fucking terrible. Afterwards we went to a burger joint for some lunch, was awesome.

I've been repurposing some old laptops recently:


I keep waking up at around 04:00 every night and can't fall back to sleep right away. Good thing I'm on vacation so that I can reclaim some of the sleep during the day.

Started working out again this monday, felt good(but it hurt like hell on tuesday night). Will be going 3 times a week from now on.


Was supposed to work this week but the rest of team are still on vacation returning the 10th of january, so I decided to take some more vacation too. Feels good. Spending the days playing Hades on my pc. What an awesome game!


Woke up with anxiety this morning. Something has been brewing for a while, hope it doesn't get too bad.

Lots of snow outside today, would be fun to do something with the kids outside, if I can get them to leave the computers for a while.


Our cat Waffles went missing for 6 hours today, found her stuck in a hedge surrounded by crazy magpies screaming their lungs out. Kitty is safe at home now. :3

Oh yeah, New Year's happened. Had dinner with relatives and went to bed early. Did manage to wake up at 00:01 and got to see some fireworks, kinda cool.

Waffles the cat


Took the kids out for a day of sledding. I usually don't do any sledding myself but today I went out of my comfort zone and had some rides, it was fun but terrifying, I feel like parents are much more prone to injury whilst sledding than the young'uns.